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In collaboration with our media colleague, Dan Hostettler, in Prague, CZ, the Institute for Fashion Media is a commercial photography studio providing the fashion industry with both still photography and videography – and an educational resource for photographers, models, stylists, fashion designers, creative directors, retail store buyers; indeed, anyone wishing to learn about the tools and techniques used to create powerful fashion media that sells product.

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Since leaving the cubicle-infested corporate world (where I spent 40+ years in commercial printing and publishing, and information technology) over ten years ago, I decided to return to my photography roots and follow my dreams by opening a commercial photography business specializing in fashion illustration.

As the business matured, I realized that I need additional knowledge about fashion merchandising generally, and visual merchandising in particular. So I decided to return to school after a long hiatus as a student (never mind the 14 years I spent teaching technology courses at various universities) and joined VCU’s Fashion Merchandising program. To say that it has been a mind-expanding experience would be an understatement.

At the studio, our clients are the most important driver of our success. My team and I are dedicated to providing 110% of what we can do in the quest for superior customer service. Now that I’m in the fashion merchandising program at VCU, my scope of clients has now expanded to include my instructors and classmates, past, present and future. I invite anyone who is interested in visiting our studio and meeting my team, please do drop me a line. We’d love to show you around.

In Search of a Unicorn: A Mythical Brand Extension Exercise

As I have mentioned before, La Perla is one of my favorite lingerie brands. Not just because it’s Italian, and not because it’s expensive (it is, most definitely). Over the 60+ years since the company was founded, La Perla has stayed true to its principles – to offer classically-styled, very high quality garments that appeal …